Blog: Raw and Unrefined

By Diana Domingo

When we use our voices in the world it can feel like a performance – saying what people want to hear – trying to always sound perfect, finding the perfect buzz word or not saying what’s on our minds because of how we may be seen or the effect our thoughts may have when they are unrehearsed, raw or unrefined…

With practice and dedication, we may be able to ultimately perform a song or speech in the perfect pitch and using the right notes: There is a time and place for this, if this is what is desired! How do we ensure, though, that these are our notes that derive from our own true voice versus the ability to match pitch to create a certain sound – a sound that we believe will be pleasing to others? What would happen if we sang our songs and used our personal voice directed from the heart? Would it waver – sound shrill – embarrass or humiliate us?

Intense Emotions that create discomfort open gateways to what wishes to be heard, cleared and expressed within us! The Mission of Diana Domingo is to bring to light the True Voice that is often muted by fear! To learn to sit with and move through feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment, while singing and connecting with others, until the inner light is revealed. For some this is closer to the surface – for others perhaps buried deep below a layer of self-consciousness and doubt! Once we are able to bring our true expression to light, we are free to be heard by all in the purest form – first and foremost by the self – even when it is raw and unrefined.

This is the path of vulnerability that leads to truth! Using vocal tools and exercises, Diana helps you to access and connect with your deepest and strongest levels of support, which gets the energy moving within the physical body on a molecular level. By engaging the body and its power as a vocal instrument through the use of breathing exercises, vowel tones, chakra tuning, original song voicings, Aum/Om and mantras, songs and chants, we create a buzzing, tingling and a vitality within to unlock energy centers which may normally go unused or are unexpressed.

There is no wrong way to tone – this exercise begins the journey to inner truth and is strongest when approached with childlike enthusiasm. This method of Sonica Voice Play opens the gate – gets us vulnerable and ready to dive into the truth of our unique vibration. There is no censoring the sensations that are felt – this is not a performance! This is a meditation that opens the door to images, color and internal guidance. Once this is accessed, there is the opportunity to ask for an inner sound to detect or remember what the tone(s) of these inner messages would be. This yields a series of Soul Tones that are an outward expression of these energies in the form of sound – using the voice. This activation can be profound – what comes through is unrehearsed, authentic and real!

We can get to the truth of our inner being through this Invitation to Vulnerability and the willingness to be Raw and Real in a supportive environment. Through voice play and movement, we discover that the ability to unleash and direct inner power to accomplish our dreams and communicate our goals effectively, authentically, inspirationally and in our own personal notes…is always a breath away.

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