Introduction to Qui Gong

This moving meditation class is an hour session which combines a short and simple energy-informed yoga prep practice followed by a focused qi gong practice concluding with a short seated meditation & dedication of merits practice. This constitutes the moving meditation class.

Qi means “energy” and “gong” means accomplishment. We approach the practice in the moving meditation class from the perspective of cultivating vitality and the centering focus with the breath is the energy felt in the body and the space. By engaging these practices, there is evidence of increased balance in the body while the lowering of stress and therefore empowering one’s immunity. From the perspective of psychophysiological health, this practice has a way of kneading through physically lodged emotional trauma in the body which effects the mind and life.

Also, the practice is self-educational as one develops an increased sensitivity to one’s sensations, emotions and mental states in the mind and body. Considered a meditation practice, one acquires the benefits of cultivating inner stillness through this moving meditation. This is what we mean that the practice cultivates overall vitality.

Saturday, January 18 2020
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

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