Blog: Along the Rational Edges of Spirituality, Part 2

Evidently the journey of 108 days takes as long as it takes.  Six months have passed since I last set out to write a post and much has transpired ~   I will leave out any narrative of explanation, however, and simply pick up again where we are today.

In the past I have used the term “we” as a rhetorical device to be inclusive of the community at Bliss – It feels a little funny and maybe just a little too personal to me, to use the simple personal pronoun I.  For when I write, it isn’t just about me~ though I am included~ it is also about the various teachers and facilitators and students and the actual place of YogaBliss ~ the physical space of the studio as well as the energy of all of the good intentions and peaceful vibrations that have been held there.   When I set out to open a Yoga Studio, it was important to me to dedicate the “space”  under the guiding principles of love, grace and gratitude.   It was and still is very important to me, and I believe to all of us who find our way to bliss, that we have this sacred space where we can feel safe to inquire within.

I  wrestle with the notion of being authentic for both myself as a human being, as well as being a teacher and director of the “studio” as a business, juxtaposed with it being a community centered space.   And so enter the use of the majestic or papal “we” – the we that is used by a person who holds a “higher” office ~ to denote more than the personality and being of the individual.

The higher office I seek to hold, is one available to anyone who seeks out the deeper meanings of life~ who follows the charge, to Know Thyself and lead an examined life.   I choose to live the life of philosophy~ to be a lover of wisdom~ to enjoy explorations of consciousness through nature, community, yoga, song, dance, conversation, meditation, laughter, and so many other activities in the desire to be in the realm of Truth, Goodness and Beauty~  It is my heart’s desire to live my life, fully embracing my humanity as well as living in alignment with my highest ideals – that is to dwell in the realm of infinite intelligence and unconditional love~ How truly wonderful life is~ to live in peace and joy in the light and energy of love~

happily and humbly in bliss,