Blog: Along the Rational Edges of Spirituality, Part 3

Day Three Along the Rational Edges of Spirituality ~ Each our own Hero’s Journey
The beauty of living in the moment is the ability to begin a conversation at any time ~ with anyone who is interested in conversing~
It seems like is always easier to appreciate the integrity, beauty and grace in others and their lives than it is to see the beauty within our own. Compassion is a funny thing and the big lesson with which to begin is to have compassion for ourselves first!
Ahimsa is the first of the Yamas the “restraints” in the first limb of eight as laid out in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The first two limbs the Yamas (restraints) and Niyamas (observances) kind of go hand and hand, but ya gotta start somewhere right?!
After years of study and a variety of modalities, I come back to the Sutras as a worthwhile point of beginning for anyone interested in developing his or her self~ Sense of self that is, as an awareness of person, as an individual in a variety of contexts~ essentially toward the development of consciousness.
So, while we enjoy talking, reading and watching about other people’s stories ~admiring them and somehow thinking of ourselves as less than~ it is important to appreciate our own stories. We may not be larger than life in our small selves, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t larger than life in spirit. If we believe that all life is interconnected and for the sake of this writing that is a basic premise, than it means that that other is simply a reflection of our higher selves. When we love and admire the life of an other, we can feel it for ourselves as well~ that we are lovable and admirable.
It means having compassion for ourselves first. That is Ahimsa, a first do no harm directive in our inquiry into self. Seriously! no judgement~ it means just allowing oneself to be present with oneself without recrimination, guilt or shame~ No judgement.
To simply be ok with who we are as we are in the current moment~ to look in the mirror without apology or criticism~ to simply offer acceptance and even love for this person ~ this personality who is only a partial representation of our higher selves~ of our spirit.
It is only when we are truly loving and compassionate with ourselves, with this sweet particularity of personality that we can truly offer love and compassion to an other!
It is not to say that there isn’t room for improvement in actual thoughts and actions, but until we can offer ourselves acceptance as we are, it is a struggle to make lasting changes.
If the intent is to raise the level of our consciousness, than we are seeking to raise the vibration of our being and offering ourselves acceptance and even love is the quickest way to allow that to happen.
And that’s why there are the other yamas and niyamas ~ those points of focus that allow us to enlarge our view of the truth of our being. For today, however, let’s embrace the grace of compassion~ offer yourself a smile, that lightness on your cheekbones, the sweetness behind your eyes~ that look of appreciation for you~ you beloved person! perfect~ just as you are!