Blog: Along the Rational Edges of Spirituality, Part 1

Recently, on assignment to explore classes at other studios as part of their Yoga Teacher Training at Studio 4, a couple of yogini’s found their way to Yoga Bliss~ a couple of lovely young women, obviously dedicated to their practices and graciously exploring other spaces.  My mind immediately went to what classes we offered that would suit them in the manner they typically do yoga.  The upbeat, more rigorous classes….  and then I smile, because of course they were not simply looking for more of the same~ (which we don’t offer anyway)  they were looking for what is different, in whatever variation.  While they love the Hot Yoga tradition in which they are being trained, they are also curious and appreciative of what other studios may offer and perhaps in our case, as one of them mentioned, the “Spiritual” vibe of Yoga Bliss.

This was not the first time the spiritual vibe of Bliss has come up and it makes me wonder what it means to people when they consider  what “Spiritual” means.  For many, Yoga evokes the notion of bringing together mind, body and spirit, and in that regard perhaps it is considered a spiritual practice.  And at Bliss we do seek to offer safe space to consider body, mind and spirit.   But for me, engaging in the practices of Yoga is also a rational and pragmatic endeavor.  Rational in that there is a logic to the practices and pragmatic in that there are benefits of daily/weekly practice.   For me, Yoga is Philosophy, Art and Science in a quest for healthy, conscious, compassionate living. It offers daily practices in the pursuit of happiness so that we might live lives of liberty.  It is a quest to cultivate a calm peaceful presence which allows for the development of witness consciousness ~ a mindful consideration of what is, with an openness to what might be given the understanding that we can always gain broader perspective in which to see.  It is a quest to be open to possibility~ to question ourselves and our human constructs in order to approach with respect and begin to comprehend the wonders of the universe as well as the minutiae of our daily existence.


To see a World in a grain of sand,

And a Heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

And Eternity in an hour.              William Blake


ahhhh, the power of meditation and contemplation and poetry!

So without apology or expectation, today I begin a writerly journey along the rational edges of Spirituality.  My aim is to write each day for 108 days as a practice, as my yoga.  Topics will come as they arise and maybe after time some organization will come through, though I’m not worried about a thing – just giving myself permission to write and enjoy the process~