Bliss in the City Initiative ~

Peace in our Hearts!  Cultivates Peace in our City! 

In 2018 we engaged with the Global Peaceful Cities Organization, as we asked the question~ Could a critical mass of people sharing 15 minutes of coherence meditation through appreciation and specific intention make a tangible difference in well being in our City?

Groups of people came together in community in person and online to participate in the experiment.  And while we enjoyed the project personally and felt the power of intention in our own lives, the Heart of the City where we actually focused our peaceful loving intentions experienced a 25 percent reduction in crime for the week of the experiment as well as through the following week.   We asked the question!  and even though we knew it would be true~ we were given tangible results and we want to do it again and again through all of the neighborhoods of Schenectady.

We cultivate stillness by being present with the body and calming the mind. This meditation is a form of Coherence Meditation where we offer appreciations in our hearts through breath awareness and visualization.  Through appreciation we offer a calm sense of peace in our hearts~the coherence is essentially a good vibration!  We feel it for ourselves and then focus outward through the city!  Experience how your energy field expands as you send peaceful intentions to others.

The Global Peaceful Cities Project is determining how organized groups of meditators  creating a “coherent state” in their bodies and then focusing peaceful intention outwardly measurably reduces violence and mishap locally.  This August 1-8, 2020 we will have the opportunity once again to participate in a study and demonstrate the Powerful Impact of Peaceful Intention!  Together we can make a difference toward Peace and Prosperity in our own lives as we focus on Peace in the City.

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