Along the Rational Edges of Spirituality

back to that Journey of 108 Days starting anew in 2020 ~and yet again.

She who shines in light and shadow!

I am coming to a continuing of deeper understanding of how “we” as energetic beings operate in multiplicity of energetic fields, layerings of consciousness in a variety of fields and dimensions. While we may in the past have chosen to limit and constrict our understanding of life and consciousness to a 3rd dimensional, rational human perspective of reality in linear time, it is becoming increasingly more easy and even rational to choose the more pragmatic option of keeping the top off in our determinations and conclusions about possible realities. To allow ourselves the possibility of living in a multidimensional reality where sourcing through love creates a better life for all.

I would call this multidimensional metaphysical approach of dwelling in potential possibilities, as Applied Metaphysics or 21st Century American Pragmatism~ and while I know this will require revision and organization it feels comfortable enough, even joyful in the moment that I am writing.

Synchronicities are showing up more and more and I offer gratitude for the blessings, reflections and reminders they provide in expanding consciousness. I am realizing and would like share as example how I had been thinking about a dear friend who had told me her anxiety level was peaking a little as the uncertainty about how long her work furlough would go on and what “work” would be like hopefully not if, but rather when she would be called back.

I wanted to offer her a mechanism, a meditation perhaps to serve as a practice for self soothing ~ something to serve as reminder of her own inherent self-worth and strength and perhaps that in this time of stillness, agency could be found in the stillness and in the letting go of conscious, rational machinations of a human mind searching for certainty and control in these very uncertain times… and I let it go.

In my own meditation and contemplation this morning I was reminded of how when we act in physical in alignment with source energy and joy, that even in the small decisions we make and the tasks we carry out with stillness and devotion have effect on other levels in the collective and then back into our own personal realities. That perhaps some of the most profound work we can do is in recognizing challenge areas and surrendering the desire to fix ~ perhaps to simply dance with the shadows and then let them go.

Right now, at home our ac is not working and typically I would be looking ahead in dismay at the weather projections. I tend to melt in the heat and motivation disappears. To my delight it dawned on me this morning and I acted on it, that I could make good use of my time in the early morning while it is cool. Traditionally early morning would be my quiet meditation time and then time for writing. ~though normally the writing eludes and I would often find a fair amount of procrastination happening all too often. I have tried other schedules, but because I was holding my early mornings as writing times~ I have just felt like a failure as a writer.

Because I made the decision not to focus on trying to get my landlord to fix the ac, rather to use the cool of the morning to accomplish tasks, I am actually looking forward to experiencing the current heat wave as a way to organize my time and provide structure for my work~ and it feels good!

So back to the synchronicity~ while sorting through boxes in a closet I came upon a channeled reading that was done for me through Kim Lorhet back in 2012 in response to a question about my path at that time. What a blessing to stumble upon~ not only was it a good message for me then (and I do believe I have grown since) but also for me now, as well as for my dear friend and folks in general for this time for those whose lives are on pause.

Speak to me about Mary Clare

We see this one you ask about, and she has much confusion in her field. To us, this appears as scattering patterns so that energy is directed here and then there. She has access to source, and yet there is no structure in place for the energy to move through, and so the results are scattered as well.

We say that all is well!

Feel this Mary Clare, in your being. Sit for a moment and close your eyes and feel this within. Feel that you are perfectly loved. Feel how creator wants to love you, wants to give you everything your soul desires (whether you are consciously aware of what these soul desires are or not).

There is a letting go of control that must happen. A complete surrender. And we feel that you have tried this, yet there is some part of you that rises up quickly and tries to put into action some plan, some way for you to figure it out, some approach, some direction, but because there is not a firm structure, these efforts become scattered. And you are blocked by your own will.

Can you allow? Can you find a place of trust and allow? We feel that too much of your time is spent in planning, and not enough in trusting. We feel your frustration like a sharp noise sent over the webs, and we wish to soothe you, as you appear to us like a beautiful dragonfly that has been caught within a spider’s web and is struggling against her bonds. First you must become still.

Here is the structure we suggest for you. Become committed about your practice… the way in which you feel connected to source. You will know the way, as it makes you feel safe and loved and complete already. We do not want you to make yourself suffer in your practice. We wish for you to find joy in it~ To find joy in the discipline of it. To look forward with eagerness to the next moment when you can connect with source.

We know you wish for answers such as “buy the building” or “do not buy the building,” or “move forward in this way,” but we say to you it does not matter. There is no “right answer” except to find your joy, and allow you oy to move through you, without limits or judgements or bars. When you open to joy you open to source, and say “I am willing” and “I am yours.” And this level of surrender opens the world to you! It is curious from our perspective how well the people of your planet guard themselves against this state of utter surrender, as it is the key to your greatest joy, and if you but knew the truth of that, you would gladly through open the doors and let it in.

We understand that you have fear. Let us say that this fear creates. This is why it is necessary to find a way to experience jot every day. As you do this, you will come to realize that you wish to experience your joy in every moment, and you will have no more attachment to fear in any of its forms. You will not argue with yourself, you will not judge yourself, you will not place yourself apart, punish yourself or belittle who you are. You will KNOW that you are this joy and this joy is beautiful! What more can you wish for?

We say to you, Mary Clare, that you are loved. And you can close your eyes and feel our love for you at any moment you wish. And you can use this love to soothe these places that need your love, and we are happy to provide you ours until you have remembered to love yourself properly.

We feel that your logical brain still needs a plan, and so we offer this. Give yourself three months. During this time, commit to a practice that gives you joy (we see yoga calls to you, and this might be the place for you) Allow yourself to remember the joy you felt in communion with others (this is a clue to the work you have come here to do.) Be committed to yourself. Let nothing stand in the way of your joyful experience of this. Build this structure in your field….this structure that allows for the directing of universal energy toward the things that will bring you the most joy. And try,during this time, to release all expectations. Release all plans. Release all judgements of self. Allow your joy only to direct you at this time.

We promise if you commit to this practice in this way, you will be changed at the end of this time. You will have taken a massive leap forward in the work of your soul. And you will feel greater peace around these issues that plague you now. We do not promise this way will be easy. It takes great courage to commit to self. To trust. To allow. To release fear. We see this, and yet we know too, that there is great support for you now., and it is easier than it has ever been.

Remember, the choice is always yours. There is no right or wrong answer. Your soul will not be angry with you if you choose the wrong path. This is not possible. Know that you are already on your path. You have never strayed from it, and feel the safety in that. Feel the support. Allow this knowledge to soothe you. Be still.

And when the right action presents itself, you will know it. But first you must make space in your confusion for the right way, the way of ease and joy, to find its way to you. You must create in your field a magnet that says to the universe “I wish to live with joy and ease, and I trust that my joy is coming to me, even if I don’t know what that joy is.” Say this always, with every cell of your being. Send this message out to the universe and be amazed by what it draws back to you.

Three months to consistently invite joy and ease into one’s life is a powerful practice. Three months~ I am pleased with this idea to embark once again consciously on a journey of 108 Days ~ last time I lent this focus it lead me to opening Yoga Bliss~ and while I feel a little stronger now, I think than I did then, perhaps a little less scattered, we shall see where it leads this time~ I’m grateful to have found this message. I will use it once again as my own personal focus and lovingly share it with my dear friend and all ~ as we each of us are loved and supported.