Ignite the Radiant Heart: Realizing the Power of the Voice A Sonica Sound Workshop led by Diana Domingo Let’s come together and Ignite our Radiant Heart through our voices…Everyone can sing and can learn to express their voice with strength, stamina and real joy!!! Resonating through chants, sacred instruments, and rhythmic drums are just a few tools you will be exposed to during A Sonica workshop led by Diana Domingo – a soul tuning and voice channel on a journey to inner freedom. Many other methods of activating awareness through movement, yoga poses, meditation, and mandala creation – using both strength of sight and sounds – may also be called upon. Whatever the means, central to this is bringing the inner voice, the essence of the soul force, to the surface using channeled meditation techniques combined with toning tools to unlock our potential on the physical earth plane. Look to the right under recent posts- to read Diana’s full article,                        Raw and Unrefined!


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Yoga Bliss is place where it is all good – a safe and sacred space where one can inquire within.

Breathe deeply and enjoy what you find.

Dedicated under the guiding principles of love, grace and gratitude, Yoga Bliss offers a space to choose and practice happiness.  By appreciating what is, giving thanks for what we have, and allowing for more than we might ever have imagined possible we open a world of grace and love that supports personal growth, health, and well-being.  It follows, that when we are able to sustain a supportive frequency of openness and  acceptance in a dedicated space such as YogaBliss, that we raise the vibration for the entire community.

So welcome!  Come inside… and get your happy healthy Bliss on….

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