Yoga Bliss Fall Open House       Saturday October 18, 2014         11:00 am to 7:00 pm

We are celebrating the Fall with an Open House – …so, the front is off the building and things are changing daily, but the energy is great and our new look is looking good!It won’t be done by the 18th, but progress is exciting!
Come check us out meet teachers and practitioners, the schedule is growing –
11:00-12:15 Dahn Yoga Class with Daniel
11:00-5:00 Leiah Bowden Chakra Portraits
12:30 Adaptive Yoga Sampler with Kathleen
1:00 Yin Yoga Sampler with Kathleen
1:30 Happy Hour Yoga sampler with John
1:00-2:00 Reiki Informational Session with Lynn Trudell of Live Simple Reiki
2:00 QiGong Sampler with Deb
3:00 Ashtanga Sampler with Jo
4:30 Saria Belly Dance Party with Sarah and friends
5:30 Gentle Yoga & Guided Meditation Sampler with Amit
7:00-8:00 Gong Lab Come and enjoy a Vibrational Delight!
Chair Massage, Yoga Sampling, QiGong Sampling, Henna Painting, great food sampling and more


Gong Lab at 7:00 pmgonglab







Greetings radiance purple4and Welcome to Yoga Bliss!

A place where it is all good – a safe and sacred space where one can inquire within.

Breathe deeply and enjoy what you find.

Dedicated under the guiding principles of love, grace and gratitude, YogaBliss offers a space to choose and practice happiness.  By appreciating what is, giving thanks for what we have, and allowing for more than we might ever have imagined possible we open a world of grace and love that supports personal growth, health, and well-being.  It follows, that when we are able to sustain a supportive frequency of openness and  acceptance in a dedicated space such as YogaBliss, that we raise the vibration for the entire community.

So welcome!  Come inside… and get your happy healthy Bliss on….

Yoga Bliss on the Blvd



140 Erie Blvd, Schenectady, NY